• At time of writing Telltale are closing their doors for the final time, one of the greatest video game creators has ceased to be and it breaks my heart.

    This Jurassic Park title is one of their early efforts and certainly doesn't compare to recent titles.

    You know the drill, people go to one of the Jurassic Park islands hell breaks loose and they hide from dinosaurs while enroute to a method of escape.

    Full of optional dialogue, simple puzzles and lots of quick time events they hadn't quite got the formula right at this stage. The decision making factor hadn't really come into play quite yet so you didn't have to think carefully about how you proceeded.

    With a generic story, few likeable characters and no real surprises this though not great was an important step in the companies evolution. It wasn't long after this that they began hitting us with the powerful gut wrenching epic stories we came to love.

    For fans of Telltale you can do worse than taking this trip down memory lane.

    The Good:

    Has some of the Telltale charm

    Tells a passable story

    The Bad:

    Too many quick time events

    Feels clunky by comparison to later titles

    Ultimately cliched plot

    Things I Learnt From This Movie:

    Kids are liabilities, horror, sci-fi, action........it doesn't matter the genre they just suck!