• "Strange Justice" is an early B-movie that is modestly entertaining. Like other Bs, it clocks in at about an hour and is brisk-paced...and, fortunately, the story is reasonably interesting and unusual. The resolution, however, seems a bit far-fetched and overall I'd put it in the 'time-passer' category.

    Henry Judson (Reginald Denny) seems like a nice guy who likes the fancy life. However, later you learn that to afford this, he's been embezzling a fortune from the bank where he works. Oddly, however, when the boss discovers this he's NOT angry nor does he call the police...he demands Judson cut him in as well! Later, to hide Judson's indiscretions, the boss arranges to frame some poor sap. Is Judson such a horrible reprobate that he can allow this?

    The story is interesting...though not exactly easy to believe. I mildly enjoyed it and feel most will probably feel like I did...it's not bad but it's certainly no must-see movie.