• Warning: Spoilers
    . . . perhaps deservedly so. Sure, you MAY be able to see a few milquetoast reviews posted on some of the less reputable internet sits concerning WHO KILLED WHO? However, those World Wide Web destinations complying with the basic rules of the Modern World's Thought Police will kill, suppress, and delete any and all commentary relating to WHO KILLED WHO? Perceptive adult thinkers may wonder why this is so. Exactly WHAT has proven to be SO subversive about WHO KILLED WHO? that this cartoon brief can NEVER be discussed in polite society? Well, though it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to run across a copy of this cinema offering without resorting to the Dark Web, viewing it for yourself is still the best way to discover the reason that any intelligent discussion of its content has been virtually eliminated from the Realm of Human Discourse. WHO KILLED WHO? runs the gamut of Unmentionable Things, from A to Z. I could list all of these "Verboten" subjects right here. However, if I did, this enlightening introduction to the extremely provocative WHO KILLED WHO? would NOT be available to you right now.