• Another crummy script from Marc Cushman/Ca$h Markman sinks this inane Randy Spears-piloted feature. High ratings on this website probably accrue to the actresses on the payroll rather than the finished product.

    Madelyn Marie voices over endless narration concerning the subject of seduction, lecturing the viewer as if he (or she) were a total idiot. A lame attempt is made to knit the 5 sex vignettes together by having characters overlap, but it goes nowhere.

    So Rocco Reed and glamorous Diana Doll are getting a divorce, with opening segment having DD hump locksmith Danny Mountain, while RR stews in his own juices. He eventually gets to hump neighbor (and pal of DD) India Summer, who's on the rebound from a failure to hook up with the director (Spears) who is seduced in his hospital bed instead by Breanne Benson.

    Spears plays a a plumber, and his accident while fixing India's sink is poorly staged slapstick. Breast in show goes to Victoria Valentina, who is shacking up with vacuum cleaner salesman Alan Stafford. You can get the drift of how intentionally stupid Cash's script is, he having burned out years ago writing dumb porn-parodies before they became fashionable.

    Madelyn gets the final segment, a really stupid parody of a couple anxious to conceive their first child, so she and hubby Marcus London are humping all the time, and she has to use seduction to keep him up. This flimsy premise leads to a couple of false ironic endings, all designed to prove "what a clever boy I am" to Cash. He's about as believable in his ego-tripping as Pres. Trump.