• With random casting and minimal story material, this volume of the venerable series is not up to snuff. After much beating about the bush (yes, a pun must be made) each of 4 vignettes devolves into routine Sapphic sex..

    Opener is a disappointing blonde-on-blonde, jail-bait-on-jail-bait episode, hardly what the fans are looking for. Brea Bennett and Courtney Simpson are far more exciting when matched against older ladies.

    The other scenes have little to no set-ups and no back stories. It's just a couple of actresses hooking up, on being an interesting-on-paper combination: gonzo queen Jada Fire vs. the great lesbian icon Michelle Lay, but even that one goes nowhere. I was waiting for Jada to squrt (her specialty and always a favorite ploy for Girlfriends Films fans), but no such luck. Autum Moon meets Danica is also lacking the youth vote.