• Warning: Spoilers
    The story centers around Jonathan (Garrett Hedlund), the wayward son who has flashbacks to his past. He has traveled from LA to be with his dying father (Richard Jenkins), who has been fighting cancer for 12 years. The family gets together, feuds, and then bonds in ways that were missing before. Sister Karen (Jessica Brown Findlay) studying law has filed a court injunction to prevent her father from being taken off the machines. This allows us to have a heart warming story about people and kids dying from cancer. Jonathan meets Meridth (Jessica Barden), a 17 year old with a death sentence as they bond smoking in the hallway.

    In case you have Puffs left over from "The Fault in Our Stars," this one is designed to help you finish the box, although it really failed to create that Puffs moment until the end when they over reach for it. Amy Adams has a role far smaller than her billing. This is your typical try to feel good about life Indie with acoustical accompaniment. The film needed a few more light indie moments as it seemed to be heavy just for the sake of being heavy. Good performances by the cast.

    The film teaches us that smokers are criminals and they stink.

    Parental Guidance: F-bomb. No sex or nudity.