• If you are fan of Raymond Bussières and Annette Poivre, "Mon Frangin du Sénégal" is a must. It is the second and last movie directed by Guy Lacourt who directed the year before "le Costaud des Batignolles", also written by Norbert Carbonnaux (and Raymond Bussières).

    Bussières is trying to fall in love with Annette Poivre, but she isn't interested with this local photographer, so he invents a twin brother aventurer in Africa, like the hero she admires in the movie playing at the local theatre. And all through the movie, he constantly transforms himself from a brother to another. Constant fun. Plus Noël Roquevert and Louis de Funès (just two scenes). It suited very well to Raymond Bussières to play in these comedies happening in a small picturesque village, like in "la Loterie du Bonheur", with ancient shops (butcher's, grocer's, baker's, ...). Old time village spirit, now forgotten with supermarkets.