• Warning: Spoilers
    The moody Caroline Wexler moves from the big city to a small town where the kids do a lot of drugs and are inbreed losers with 6 toes. The story at times is third person, at other times Caroline narrates. She tells us of a tale of a girl in school who worked as a stripper until 2AM then showed up for school and took extra classes. The football team, she tells us, would heat up quarters and throw them at her while she walked through the halls. A "serial killer" (dubbed a serial killer after first body was found) kills the girl and they find marks of heated quarters on her legs.The waste dump fire and serial killer were under utilized as metaphors/symbols.

    After her death, it appears the overly mature Caroline is the prettiest girl in school. She seduces her teacher and a classmate. As time goes on we discover the teacher has the persona of a psychotic character portrayed from his own novel and has developed an unhealthy need to continue his relationship with Caroline.

    The movie makes clever use of juxtapositions to create humorous scenes. There are also slow scenes and slightly annoying first person narration. The soundtrack was fairly lame. The climax scene is supposed to be a culmination of the scenes building up upon each other. In an indie, it is not necessarily predictable, but it is at least metaphorically or symbolically part of the movie. This one was not. It was a complete let down and a lack of closure by the writer. Want to watch a clever indie, try "Chumscubber."