• Warning: Spoilers
    Several very good performances, which almost redeem the bad writing.

    As others have said, the police characters are often simply not credible in the way they behave, and the medical professionals are pretty bad too.

    I don't expect complete accuracy or realism in crime fiction, and I know that lead characters often do more in an investigation than someone in their role actually would, but why on earth would a forensic pathologist be observing an interrogation of a suspect?

    And would a detective really get away with treating a suspect like that? Was he under caution? Okay, maybe you don't show the proper procedures because this is a thriller and you want to keep the pacing tight, but why wasn't anyone else in the room? Why would other police just stand in the observation room watching a colleague losing it like that?

    The relationships between the characters weren't particularly convincing either.

    When the mother said her son died under a train and all she had left to bury was mush, I had a fair idea where the story was going. Not sure why I kept watching.

    Lucky me, I watched to the end, through all the flickery flashbacks, and got to see that nit with the tongue at the end. Wtf was that? Did he have a razor blade in his mouth through the shouty interrogation? Surely he can't have just bitten it off!