• Professional photographer Claire Jamison (Jennifer Grey) is desperate to get to Aspen for her wedding with her rich Italian boyfriend Lorenzo whom none of her friends like. She is stranded when her plane is grounded. She gets on the wrong bus and grabs a ride from some weird hunters. When she's abandoned at the roadside, she gets a ride from 13 year old Hilly (Megan Park) and her dad Tom Pullman (Clark Gregg). He is still sad a decade after losing his late wife. Hilly immediately connects with Claire. It's a troublesome road trip as the trio bond.

    This Lifetime Christmas romance faces a difficulty in chemistry both in personnel and in story. Grey and Gregg don't come across as romantic. Quite frankly, she has more chemistry with the daughter and I would have loved this as a friendship movie. As a Lifetime movie, a romance must be executed. The fact that Claire is getting married makes the relationship hurdle very high to overcome. She doesn't know his cheating during the trip and it makes any connection with Tom rather icky. I really like her and Hilly's relationship more.