• I loved this kind of morality which comes off with all its interesting turns quite naturally, as Lynne Roberts, dashingly beautiful, changes from a gangster bride to a madonna of the desert. It's all about a small statue, originally from Spain in the 1500s, which found its way to South America, where it ends up in a house in the Arizona desert with a war veteran and his old man, where it becomes attractive to collectors. One of them is a hoodlum and a swindler and will obtain it by any means, which is why he sends out Lynne Roberts for her. A copy is manufactured to arrange a switch, but the switch does not come off without complications, and of course they get mixed up. Even the small madonna herself starts a drama complicating things, and everything runs out of control for everybody. Lynn Roberts succeeds ultimately in landing on her feet, and the whole mess reaches a very satisfactory end, in spite of all the shootings, car accidents, fires, and so on. It's a gem of a small but very educating film.