• Warning: Spoilers
    A staple of 80s cable TV, this twisted, cult horror film could only be played after 10 pm on Showtime, due to its graphic nature. Deservedly so, as "Mausoleum" contains a lot of sex and bloody violence. This tale of a sexed up housewife who goes on a killing spree after being possessed by a demon that has been taking over the bodies of every first female of every generation of the Nomed family lineage, (Nomed is demon spelled backwards), truly must be seen to be believed. Now until I saw the beautifully restored version on Bluray, I thought this was a made for video production, but I must say it looks gorgeous, and the director's talents can finally be appreciated. The Italian Greats such as Bava and Argento, were obviously an influence, as can be seen by the film style and color scheme of the sets. This is truly the relic of a better time in cinema, and the young directors of today try to mimic this vintage style of film making, but this is the real deal. Just as nasty and sexy as I remember, "Mausoleum" is truly a guilty pleasure. I can't recommend the new Bluray from Vinegar Syndrome highly enough. They have been reviving many long forgotten gems like this one. This one will hold a special interest for gore hounds and those into gore makeup effects, as there is some truly memorable stuff here.