• Careless and pointless sex filler, this is merely "another title" released by Vivid Video to fill out a release schedule. Paul Thomas would have tarnished his reputation had anyone cared (in the slightest) at the time.

    It starts off with a porn definition of the term Civilian; namely anybody who isn't on the crew or in the cast of a porn production. The same concept would hold true for any segement of show biz.

    But immediately that aribitrary definition is contradicted, as one of the sex performers hits on the makeup lady (Brooke Banner) and humps her, while we watch the Adult feature's leading lady, Vivid contract girl Tawny Roberts having sex nearby on the set. It's just filler, not the stories or characters that PT usually provides.

    Similarly, later on in the show Evan Stone plays the bad guy, a cad who brings his girlfriend Jada Fire to the set for her first Adult sex scene and then treats her callously, refusing to stand by the nervous girl, and cavalierly telling her to just ask a p.a. to arrange transportation home for her after she's been well and duly f*cked. This minor bit of dramatics is utterly phony, as Fire at the time was amongst porn's most famous gonzo performers, hardly believable as a newbie.

    Slipshod approach permits the crew members to be shown on screen, including inevitablty PT's hambone producer Shylar Cobi and even the great man himself fleetingly. Everyone involved clearly assumed no one would watch this trash or hold anybody accountable for it, and rounding off, its audience undoubtedly did approach zero asymptotically.