• Warning: Spoilers
    I found this rare title on YouTube and it is silly and charming. And if you don't want to know too much plot, just watch it and stop reading. Now. But if you are still interested here the facts: SPOILERS: Two cases of mistaken identity complicate matters when a woman he believes to be a process server comes across a man she believes to be a criminal.

    A warrant out on him, Peter Norstrand flees his New York City home and heads north. Hiding out, he is spotted by lodge guest Millicent Kendall, who grips a document when she comes to a room. Peter pulls a gun on her and makes her burn it, unaware that it is actually a marriage license.

    Millicent is a missing heiress, planning to elope with her fiancé. Peter forces her to spend the night in his cabin so as not to inform on his whereabouts. When she attempts to escape in the snow, he takes away one of her shoes.

    A sheriff and his deputies begin a search for an actual fugitive, Dutch Nelson, and are mistaken for trappers by Peter, who fires a gun to scare them away. The lawmen respond with machine guns and tear gas. Peter reveals to Millicent that the warrant is just to force him to testify in a friend's divorce. As she falls in love with him, the real Dutch turns up.