• Warning: Spoilers
    I found the movie "The Freshman" by Harold Lloyd to be incredibly captivating for a silent film. I have only watched one other silent film, "The Circus", and had to watch both that one and this one for a class. Generally, on my own, I would never pick to watch an older movie, so I am very happy this class has made me because I am pleasantly surprised. I found the film to be easy to follow and it was able to keep my interest through out it. Humor, love, and sadness were easily displayed and presented from start to finish. My personal favorite scene was when Harold and Peggy met on the train doing the crossword puzzle. I found their interaction to be really meaningful even without voice. The most upsetting part to me was when Harold learned he was the laughing stock of the school, and again, even without voice, you could feel the pain and his facial expressions and body language and it broke my heart. The intertitle then came up "It doesn't bother me a bit- really; a fellow has to expect those things, you know." and I could read/hear the voice trembling. In this example, I enjoyed having an intertitle, however, the only thing I did not care for was the amount of intertitles there were in the beginning, specifically the first few minutes. I found starting it off with so many in a row made it hard to jump right into enjoying and understanding the film.