• I noticed reading the reviews that this movie is referred to as ''a sweet, lovable movie''. Well for me it's nothing like that, and I hated almost everything of the movie, including the characters, they were that annoying and uninteresting.

    David Niven plays David McKay, a professor that became a theater critic. Because he is such a total wimp, he even accepts to be humiliated in public by the press, even for laughs. And when his wife, Doris Day, decides to move to a house in the country, he even cheats on her (!!!). And her little kids don't do anything for help, and the reconciliation between Day and Niven came out of nowhere. Just an insipid bore

    The movie has two negative strikes against it. First, the dialogue. I heard much more believable and romantic dialogue in Lorenzo Lamas and Tom Green movies! Sappy. awkward and corny at least. And I really hated all the characters' delivery... the writers obviously didn't knew how to make the characters endearing or likeable at least. Especially Day's children, they were so obnoxious and annoying I wanted to shout at them with all my breath! And also Niven's lover (Janis Paige) is quite annoying. For liking a movie I have to relate to at least one likeable character, and this movie hasn't got even one of them! And the title song was so sappy and syrupy sweet that it became quite annoying to hear after a while.

    All in all, despite starring David Niven, it's a bad movie... and this is the worst movie he ever made! And when the movie was finally over I felt much much better, because I finally stopped watching this corny and irritating mess of a movie.