• This needs 2 separate reviews: As a Star Wars story, and as a video game.

    As a Star Wars story it was pretty great. The relationship between Darth Vader and his Apprentice was nuanced and definitely developed over the course of the game. The apprentice's backstory was intriguing, as was his internal conflict growing with every kill.

    As a game, while solid, was fairly hollow. The gameplay is a lot of fun until you get through the first level. You notice quickly it's a fairly shallow experience with a far too easy of a difficulty. Graphics and animation was amazing though, especially for a 2008 Xbox 360 game. Now the camera can become a nuicense and figuring out how to play nice with it can frustrate. It's also far too short and can be beaten in 1 playthrough.

    If TFU was released as a film, I would give this story a 8.5 ranked just under RotS, ANH, and ESB. In retrospect elements of this story are ripped off in Rogue One.

    As a game I'd give it a 6...maybe even a 5 for being too short.