• Shot back to back with #20 in the series: Burning Desire, this 19th edition of the Sapphic Sex hit from Cal Vista and Metro stars Ann Marie as the underdog, losing her title company after the death of her mother to mean rival Julia Ann. Beth Ann Rafael, an unknown filmmaker who is pictured in the BTS short subject on Disk Two of this 2-DVD set, shows storytelling talent, a lost art in Adult.

    Julia Ann clearly dominates this show, not only barking orders and being generally nasty to her entire staff at the Babes Illustrated porn outfit, but even subjugating and seducing an equal icon Raylene, when latter in her capacity as lawyer tries to give clueless Julia some sage advice. The sequel fails to dethrone her from her role as company major domo, and I have yet to locate a future volume that puts Ann Marie back in the driver's seat.

    Sex scenes are well-staged, including an unusual segment where receptionist Karlie Montana is given what-for by her butch girlfriend, obscure alt-porn performer Cadence St. John. Two players who received no sex scene in Part 20 get to hump each other here: Elexis Monroe and London Keyes.