• And I would argue more "fun". That is if you are not looking for morally responsible jokes or are not someone who is easily offended. The jokes are premature I reckon and there is a lot of blood and a lot of nudity. There is also a lot of quite disturbing humor. Now you may not find certain things funny, calling the movie "serious" though would be missing the point entirely (you sure you watched the right Puppet Master movie?).

    You don't even have to have seen all the previous entries (something I did) to have fun with this. You may enjoy certain parts more than others, but overall this works as a stand alone. And while the "love story/part" of the movie may be considered serious, it is not as big a part that should make this movie less of a party film. Some attendees at the festival may have gone way off limit with their cheering, but the movie does support that kind of behaviour overall. Not for the squeamish, rather for those who just want to shut off, sit back and enjoy mayhem on screen