• Warning: Spoilers
    If they had done it differently it could have been an entertaining watch. We just needed a cheeky lead that we could take to - but as they wrote it Sam was an awful person. Lying to everyone, ripping off her gullible friends for thousands.

    It was no cheery story of the underdogs taking down some elite insider traders - everyone in it was either unlikable or being ripped off by Sam/Nancy.

    Massive plot holes too - guessing who would be the developers. Not able to work Excel but suddenly able to download data onto a USB stick from a traders PC in seconds.

    And the grand finale - she takes their ill-gotten gains to do what ? Start ringing up some businesses to take her and her two pals on as a super efficient new company ? With no references to take with them.

    God forbid there's a next series - if there is she'll be ripping off some poor eastern European cleaners (or the Spanish ? What was that all about ?) and lying to all and sundry.

    She should have gone down with Swanny and co and in real life I'm sure she would.

    Awful misstep with this one.