• Warning: Spoilers
    I have followed Formula One since I was 5 years old in 1974. I find the people in the documentary are psycophantic, aloof and far removed from the working man, who are the backbone of the sport. Maybe, me being a working man am myself at odds with F1, however those who are lucky enough to have the silver spoon located firmly in their mouths pervade the Williams F1 family. Sir Frank Williams - "A poor Northener" Now that is stretching credulity and frankly is not true. I bear no malice, but a rich family having fun with motor racing doesn't have any resonance to me. It's a rich man and family story and good luck to them, but I wish Ms Williams could walk a mile in my shoes, it would broaden her horizons no end. Then again I fear Claire would not survive a working class environ. CONCLUSION; A jolly good documentary for the posh boys and gals who live in the world most of us will never see. Quote Frank was a a "POOR NOTHERNER" ...really. Give me a BREAK...Does Ms Williams know what a poor notherner is? i imagine she has no clue. POOR DOC 1/10