• Warning: Spoilers
    This film manages to be devastating without actually showing, or explaining much tragedy, at all. Oh, but you just know it. And, it doesn't stop tearing your heart out, either. Weeks later, and I still can't stop from crying every time I so much as think of the ending.

    Some people will think black and white is boring. But, it plays an important role in this movie. Everything about this movie is meant to be a memory. It tries to trick you, though. It wants you to believe that the memories belong to the older brother, until at the end we realize that these are tears of the younger sibling.

    Some people might think the subject matter is outdated, and historical. However, this is still very much a real problem for some people. This problem isn't going away, and we need to remind ourselves what it can cost us.

    Personally, I think it's one of the best movies ever made, because of the cleaver use of so many tricks and unconventional elements. It manages to force us to confront things we all hide within ourselves, and it manages to do this without bringing that into the narrative. It merely implies some things, and allows your own mind to fill in the blanks. This allows the audience to decide for themselves how they feel about these things. It never preaches, or even demonstrates. It actually makes the whole situation even more relatable, that way. It's absolutely ingenious! A true work of fine art. The way this film manages to force the audience to confront this subject on such a deep and personal level allows us to really think about, and understand the matter a lot better. Personally, I think that's something people need to do.