• Warning: Spoilers
    2 firemen are rescuing people from a burning building. One of them is handed a piece of paper by an old man before the old man walks into the fire.

    The firemen are like "eh, there's no saving him now" and leave him be.

    The paper turns out to be a hidden treasure map to stolen gold. It was stolen from a church, so screw them, the church has enough stolen gold as it is. I got a mortgage and an ex-wife with alimony.

    They head out of state to an old abandoned building where the gold is buried, kidnapping a homeless guy who is squatting there (they tie him up) and also a gang leader's young brother (they tie him up to the door as a human shield). Are you feeling empathy for these guys yet?

    It gets better though, as the knowledge of the gold starts to spread. Everyone starts to turn on each other, friend against friend, brother against brother. The lure of wealth is enough to turn anyone, which is the whole premise.

    It ends the same way as it began, with fire and death.