• Michelle Yeoh did a great job. They all did. Whether you like the IPman series or just a fan of kung fu. The story had a few twists and turn and kept me seated throughout the entire movie. Imagine running out of Milk Duds without going for a refill! I've always been a fan of kung fu movies. From watching the earlier ones on a Saturday afternoon up to even more when I grew up and got a satellite.

    The Shaw Brothers made a lot of them and I enjoyed them all. It's funny to see Michelle in so many different rolls. From Crouching Tiger to Star Trek Discovery.

    I knew I recognized Dave Batista from Guardians of the Galaxy. He played a very good role.

    NOTE: ALL MOVIE MAKERS. ALL OF YOU. You show the credits to movies but never show a picture of the actor or actress along with them. If you are new to a movie or particular cast member you have no clue who they are. You have to look them up on IMDB, which is fine, that's what it is for but if you showed the picture with the names, I do believe people would actually stay to watch the credits.