• Warning: Spoilers
    It starts with a story we all are aware of. Parents denying our fantasy. But we still manage to get out of it. Then it moves on a the topic of infatuation that's a common in the life of teenagers. How we try to impress a girl and regretting the relation, the crush already have. You have a friend circle which always takes you out of the depression. But then your crush aka 'school life ka pehla pyaar' gets close to you. Being a class topper, she helps you in the studies and helps you score well. Now comes the myth of FLAMES we Indian teens believe. Now if the crush checks out FLAMES for you, the series gets more romantic and interesting. The Superboy and the Supergirl gets together, on a date! Girl decides to moves to KOTA for studies. So she tries to friendzone the guy, even she does have feelings for him. But in the end they ultimately get together through a very sweet act of dumbcharades. And a perfect KISS!😇

    What makes the series more interesting and connected through heart are the sound tracks which perfecto fits into the plot. Thanks Vaibhav for the songs.

    I show grattitude to the entire cast and TVF for the series. Specially to the director Prem bhaiyya and MXPlayer

    No over acting involved. Perfect acting seen among the cast.

    Make S2 ASAP!