• Let's get something straight, we're not here to talk about Parolees and pitbulls that only gives them a worse name, why do we have to attach a parolee to a pitbull. I've owned several Terriers that happened to be pitbulls, in people's eyes and yet in my eyes, they're just beautiful dogs. I've never crop their ears or their tails and tried to make them mean, I've only treated them like they were the most beautiful creatures on Earth. Why is it that we label these poor animals who have fewer bites on their record than any Golden Retriever? The simple fact is the people that own them are the ones to be judged. What doesn't make sense is why do we take a TV show and put a pitbull in the same category as a parolee? Does it make any sense does it unless we are trying to degrade a beautiful animal to the same degree as someone who broke the law. We've got so far away from where does actually happening when it comes to a beautiful terrier dog that we are mixing it with someone who broke a crime how does that make any sense? We live in this weird day and age where men are now female and female are no men and if you say anything against it your belittled. This is a really strange place in time to be living in. Pitbulls are not pitbulls their carriers. Terriers are some of the most beautiful race of dogs or breed of dogs out there you can get them with long coats short coats with the main thing is they're very intelligent. So why are we going to descriptions on an animal who has nothing to do with fighting only the owner and now we're going to place it with an actual criminal and make a TV show about it? Let's use our minds for one people and just think about how silly all this stuff is. For the first time in North America we have a president who calls it like it is. We can say Merry Christmas again and happy Halloween cuz they were surely going to take that away soon cuz it offended someone. Donald Trump is definitely the best president this nation and even though I'm Canadian I still consider it our nation has ever had. We don't need to label everything and then say these labels are bad. Let's make labels for everything hypothetically and now let's go all these labels hypothetically are really bad so these people are being hurt by them. For one step back and decide for yourself which was better the old way that the Romans and the Greeks and all different societies had perfected that we take for granted. Or the new way that we take all that information throw it in a box . For some reason I lost my train of thought but what I was trying to say is that we cannot just basically take something that God or the universe has made a beautiful something put it in your house with crazy people and take it out say it's vicious change its name to a bowl and then also put the word it so now we've got a pit in a bowl in an arena and call this an evil animal. Let's think to ourselves carefully and realize the simple fact remains that was arguing Karma we don't have to do that type of stuff we could have a simple beautiful terrier and they are so many breeds of terrier that are fabulous it's really good. One of my favorite comedians in the whole world said it best don't call someone crazy it's belittling it's it's awful and don't say that what they have created isn't true or is injust or whatnot maybe the environment that they're living in is a little sick and that's what's creating these things that were calling crazy. How can you take a flower and call it crazy unless you take that same flower and genetically or overtime manipulated into a Venus flytrap.