• The leading actor, Zhang Jin, is one of my favorite martial art actors. His movements in all the fighting scenes of this movie and all the other movies he played a role are top-tier textbook-like Chinese Wu-Shu, besides, he got some unique aura and charisma so different from the other martial art actors, making his screen presence very very outstanding. But this specific movie suffered several fatal weaknesses: First, a terrible lame screenplay with bad storyline, and It was further devalued by many clown-like supporting actors and a non-inspirational director. The fighting scenes in this movie are good but not great at all, 'cause they were all looked heavily and extremely staged; the choreographic arrangements were more like what we saw in the 70s' Shaw Brothers Kung Fu movies, just looked pre-arranged and staged. Then, the dialog, that's another fatal weakness, just horrible. Furthermore, the make-up works and the costumes also looked so fake and pretentious. The movie was obviously shot in a model streets and structures, they just looked so fake and staged. The ridiculous corruption of the British police in Hong Kong also looked too over-the-top stereotyped crappy.

    I noticed that Tony Yaa and Batista both played roles in this movie, but their roles were just too awkward, unnatural even irrelevant. They were just to play some ridiculous unnecessary roles in this movie. Michelle Yao played another somewhat key role in this movie, and the other female actor who played the woman who fell for the character that Zhang Jin played, she's just with a very unnatural face, definitely had some plastic surgeries, and her acting was so awkward and rigid.

    Watch this movie only for its heavily staged fighting scenes and Zhang Jin's unique aura and charisma. Other than these, not a good movie at all.