• Just for clarification on profession ability alone I give this a "0" rating. Oh my God who in the h*** wrote this tripe (yes I know ... look it up .... smartasses). An incredible and absolute poor decision on any of these actors who accepted a part in the making of this film ... you the actors should have chosen a different career path unless you are truly desperate. Zachary was an impeccable actor on Home improvement but this was a poor career choice on his part. His ability to convey a convincing Thor much less the director and the writers. Somebody was desperate. This film never should have been made. I finally found the courage to watch it (pure curiosity) and just couldn't because it was so stupid beyond belief. Now I'm sure I'm going to get a lot of Criticism myself from those who read this but seriously you need to watch this and then you'll understand. And anybody who grew up reading any of the comic books for Marvel regarding the Thor character would share the same skepticism. I've seen my fair share of b-movies but this one is not even worth a "z" to the 25th power. I don't know what the h*** you would call it but there are some parts that some actors should turn down and this was one that Zachary should have turned down . Zachary you're a way better Actor than this and it is my strong recommendation that you not list this as one of your accomplishments in your Career.