• I remember watching a documentary about the Smiths featuring a suitably chain smoking and etiolated rock journalist explaining how the band had sidestepped any censorship of the single 'Handsome Devil'. His theory was that owing to their apparent appearance of being bookish nerds, no one in the media (or otherwise) thought to check the lyrical content of said single. Had this track been written by any other band, this would have undoubtedly landed them in hot water! This is precisely the analogy I wish to draw in Jimmy Carr's set and that of other comedians.

    Jimmy looks, sounds and undoubtedly is a very middle class, well dressed and educated man. However, his comedy is driven by ignoring social convention and political correctness in favour of jokes that shock you and make you laugh (in equal measure), but also have you questioning whether you are a 'good person' I can think of other comedians that have been hauled over the coals for lesser misdemeanours...

    That said and having seen Jimmy live (c.2007), I can say this set is as good as you can get watching him from home. To truly experience the raw, uncensored eloquence of the lead lined velvet packaged glove that is Jimmy's comedy you have to go to see a show. Laughs abound however, just be prepared for the self-recrimination!