• Listen yeah. I've bin looking for some good telly I can sit and mong out to as I'm dipping a Penguin in my brew. I was with the big boys watching 4 On Remand the other night and found dis. I think it's buzzing and a propa good laugh! I don't know what these uva reviewers are on who are knocking it? Maybe u should all stop doing monkey dust and watch again when your hearts are ready to embrace it.

    I no everybody in Salford and have gone out onto the streets preaching that dey should watch this show. It has changed my life nd I have given up nicking bikes forever because it keeps me in the house. Not being funny but no true Salfordian doesn't love Ballmastrz 9009 now because I no them all and everyone here knows it's a propa sick night in at mine wiv cheesy chips and a cheeky bifta for tea when it's on. If you want me to prove it come fight me in Irlam town, it'll be 10 vs. 1 mate trust me!

    Honestly I've been a bit of a bad lad but thanks to finding Ballmastrz 9009, I've turned my life around because I think I relate to da story on a purseonal level. The one what has a spiky head is my favourite because he reminds me of myself as a yoof. Real Irlam lads watch Ballmastrz 9009 end of! Bless up Salford city!