• Warning: Spoilers
    Same old outdated hong kong kung fu plot, chinese always the victim, and with great power comes great responsibility ,that includes taking social justice via violence and brute force.

    As usual the british or every single white man in hongkong movies is the enemies here, they are pure greed, pure evil, even when they appears to be a good person but they still victimized all chinese, and chinese will be seen as weak for all eternity every evil chinese baddies are either working for the japanese or english.

    In short, chinese man regret his action, self realized the path of righteousness. White man of both civilian and government coop to sell drugs to make money, chinese gangster are slave to white man. One chinese hero using violence save the day. White man overthrown. Colonization is bad, good chinese wants freedom.

    I wonder how long can they still ride the oppress victim card in hongkong kungfu movies anymore. Is there no better script writer around? Donnie yen pre ip man works still makes these generic one looks pale in comparison.