• Warning: Spoilers
    My head is reeling. Where to even begin? This was a bizarre product of amateurish players given a huge Hollywood budget.

    Costume design gets an A. Cinematography a C. The camera work looked like a student. All those endless close-ups of the lead actress showing her full range of 3 strained expressions: Surprise. Seductive. Questioning. She looked like a very ordinary Meghan Markle in a perm-fried, bad wig and was supposed to be the most beautiful woman in the world.

    This movie was so shallow that if you scratched the surface there was nothing left. It should have never have made it out of the reject pile. ZERO character development. I had ZERO sympathy for ANY of these characters. The characters all appeared to be in a chaotic dress rehearsal and there was no chemistry between any of them.

    The street scene where the merchants were attacked looked like a stage play (Lida in her perpetual SURPRISE expression) then later we see her SEDUCTIVE expression at hideous Goebbels. The lizard Goebbels had the sex appeal of a dirty dish rag.. Truth is they ignored that fact that superficial, ruthless women like Lida were mesmerized by the money and power of the Nazis and were attracted to the comfort, benefits, and protection they received in exchange for sex. Instead, they pretended Lida was sexually attracted to the little lizard Goebbels and "in love with him." Any woman who looked the other way while Jews were being burned tortured and murdered in the streets was as soulless and evil as the brown shirts that did it. How fascinating this story could have been if it had dived into Lida's flawed greed and ruthlessness instead of sugar-coating it!

    There were two unintentionally hysterically funny scenes in this film. The first was the love scene in front of the fire. We see his leather leg brace rubbing over Lida's legs. Then his floating face of ghoulish ecstasy through the flames. Oh such sophisticated analogy! Fire. Flames. Devils. Gee I wonder that meant? It was so shockingly amateurish, even for this film. That love scene is memorable as probably the worst in cinema history. The second was Goebbels calling Lida on the telephone to end the affair because "Hitler made me do it." And he is bawling like a pathetic baby. You just want to slap him hard and tell him to "MAN UP GOEBBELS You still have millions of people to slaughter!."

    ALL THAT MONEY WASTED when there is such untapped REAL raw talent in NYC and L.A. screaming to be discovered! Netflix is going down a rabbit hole. They need new leadership.