• This movie is so good. Lots of people are comparing it to Get Out, but I don't understand why; they're two completely different entities. It's inventive in its approach and concept, scary without utilizing typical horror ingredients, well-acted with a powerful and moving cast, funny without undercutting the horror, and smart in its writing and direction.

    Writing/Direction: Jordan Peele shows us, once again, why he's the new master of horror with an original premise and screenplay that gives chills and scares. His script mixes in comedy perfectly; not too much, but enough to give some temporary catharsis when needed. The concept he divised is so original and the steps the plot takes to get to an intriguing endpoint are well-done and carefully calculated. The monsters are explained enough that we the audience kinda goes "oh, okay, that makes sense," but not so much that we're like "PFFT THAT'S BAT**** RIDICULOUS!" Peele stepped up his direction a bit too. I'm still trying to figure out how, but now, whenever I'm walking around my house, I'm peering around corners to make sure another one of me isn't standing there. I think that was the intention, so well done, Jordan Peele.

    The Performances were phenomenal: Lupita N'yongo is definitely this year's scream queen. She sells her role with a touch of empathy, realization, and in her other performance, sheer terror. Winston Duke was great, and served as a fitting and perfect comic relief; again, not too much and not too little, just enough that we're temporarily relieved. He's also a bit of a badass and one of the best portrayals of a modern day dad. And his other performance was an overbearing presence that scared in the right way. Shahadi Wright Joseph was great; a perfect mixture of teenage girl and teenage warrior (I think it's the right word.) Her other performance is suitable creepy, never faltering or changing from a terrifying face. Evan Alex might be one of the standouts. His portrayal of a little boy eerily curious of the tethered is intriguing, and he sells exactly what a little boy WOULD be thinking in this situation, which is **, ***, ****! ******** ****! ******* ***! (Ha! You thought I'd spoil it. You were wrong.) Alex's other performance as his tethered counterpart is probably one of the best ones; it's terrifying and made me shiver until I got home, and then some. The rest of the performances were fantastic, whether they were on one side or the other. I would have liked to see more interaction between Jason and his counterpart, but what we were dealt will do great as well.

    The rest of the movie... how do I put this? Was awesome? Yeah, that's it. The cinematography was fitting and strategically placed; very smart in its execution and letting a few horror techniques through without utilizing typical ones. The makeup and hairstyling department deserves a win, given how they executed some parts of everyone's character. The costume department also did quite well, giving a monster that was both so palatable and so horrifying at the same time with a simple costume. The score was finely tuned and lovingly terrifying, while sometimes going overboard; but I don't mind. Just about everything in this movie was great.

    Jordan Peele will make me scared to see my own reflection, and I like it. Making me terrified of Us (2019). This film gets a 10/10