• When the first trailer of "Debi" came, it really made all of us curious . Cinematography, background score, acting as well as goosebumps were all welcome change in bengali cinema.

    The movie starts promisingly but with time it lost direction. What were they thinking? I think the makers were confused between psychological drama and horror. Jaya Ahsan is the producer of this flick so naturally its Ranu's story. She performed well but the screenplay is all over the place. Iresh Zaker as Ahmed Sabet is good but the character is different from the book. Shabnam Faria acted well, but her face off with Misir Ali lacks the required sparks. Finally about Misir Ali, folks this movie does not do any justice to him. Chanchal Chowdhury tried to make a ulcer stricken version of Misir Ali, but his sharp mind is completely missing. We were told that Ranu was not hallucinating after all !

    The movie has "The Shining" twin sisters too. Wonder if it's a mere coincidence or lazy writing ?