• I've been re-watching Rod Serling's Original Twilight Zone and while this doesn't exactly measure up or reinvent the twilight zone, it takes it in the new direction we were promised with a new idea.

    I do have faith in Jordan Peele as the narrator and host through our journey; I only wish we could see more of him throughout this episode. Hopefully more moving forward.

    Kumail Nanjiani, as our protagonist in this episode, was well cast and played his part quite convincingly. The supporting cast was also great, although there's a part of me that's still curious about Tracy Morgan's character. Not any of the mystery, but why is he vaping all the time?

    The writing was good. It didn't overextend it's grasp and gave an original premise along with spot on execution. The concept is definitely familiar, but the scenario isn't.

    The direction for this episode was a little claustrophobic. If that's how it's going to be moving forward then so be it, but something a little less down-to-earth and more Denis V.esque would be cool.

    A solid start to Jordan Peele's the Twilight Zone. (8/10)