• I have not seen Part One, but Part Two tries for a Wacky, Horror Filled Road Trip kind of feeling but quickly gets submerged in a silly, convoluted plot-line, the characters' endless whining in uncomfortable, poorly framed closeups and unrealistic (mostly off-screen) violence. It's got a bunch of backwoods psychopaths gunning for one another as Jeb and Amber try find solace in the Lord via unprompted roadside killings, greasy sex, and a trip to visit the guy who knocked up Amber and left her without saying goodbye. The use of religion as a pretext for killing is juvenile. However, there is a sense of romanticism in the attempt at John Waters-style freakishness, which is destroyed by the the raft of completely unlikable characters and the inept delivery of the players. Only Greg Johnson's hulking Jesus-inspired assassin maniac makes an impression even though he mumbles all of his dialog. The filmmakers point to a few telling references, showing a movie poster of I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE and including a cameo appearance by creepy Troma producer Lloyd Kaufman, who is an embarrassment. How this badly done movie could retain a 7 rating on IMDB is questionable, indeed.