• Warcraft a brillaint movie based on the video game universe of World Of Warcraft. This movie is fantastic the action is amazing and the acting is great and the movie itself is a lot of fun.

    The effects in this movie are out of the this world and are absolutely mind blowing. The story is really well handheld and I love how they handle the lore of the this universe there is alot of lore to use and I think they use it well and it's really effective.

    I'm not a massive fan of the videogame but this film got me interested in the story of Warcraft and I can't wait to see the rest of the story. There is alot of fan service in it seeing places like Stormwind and Ironforge is amazing and a real nerd moment.

    They set up a sequel really well and I hope they get it the way they set up Thrall is incredible and seeing what could come up in the future is really cool.

    Just a fun movie with a brilliant story and outstanding special effects and if you love the lore of Warcract you will love this movie and have a great time.

    Verdict 9/10 great film and a wonderful movie to watch for anyone who is a fan of fantasy or a fan of Warcraft the character's are amazing and I really hope it gets a sequel.