• The gold rush. everyone gets rich! John Wayne had already hit it big in Stagecoach a couple years back. Here, he's Craig, pharmacist from Boston, on is way to Sacramento. His east coast ways don't go over too well here on the rough and ready west coast. Costars regulars Binnie Barnes and Milton Kibbee. The typical good cowboy (pharmacist) against bad cowboy. Patsy Kelly is in here for comedy. and there are comedy bits here and there. Sure, there's a serious storyline here, or actually a bunch of little subplots all over the place. horses galloping along. rootin, tootin, shootin! It's just okay. kind of goes rambling all over. Directed by William McGann, who had started in the silents and worked his way up to director. nominated for "Stolen Life". best part of this is patsy kelly. she's fun.