• Throwing niceties like story & character logic to the winds, Brazzers' chief actor Keiran Lee adds a director's cap for this ephemeral feature released by sister label Digital Playground.

    He plays the husband of another Brazzers regular on loan, the now overly-tattooed Monique Alexander. She hits upon the novel idea of trading offspring for a week or so with harried fellow tattooer Nina Elle. For porn fans, this is merely the jail-bait version of wife-swapping, or a variation on the "Mother Exchange" series from rival porn company Sweet Sinner.

    That's the entire plot line, with Keiran forcing sex on his new charges ,lovely Naomi woods and Aidra Fox (though Aidra is a nympho, and overage for her casting here, which makes the Fox/Lee sex generic.

    Alexander gets to hump Nina's kid Robby Echo, and Nina reciprocates by sampling the huge cock of youn Alex D. Cameraman Francois Clousot, who has come way, way down in the porn universe since his decade-plus heyday over at Wicked Pictures, pops up briefly as Nina's husband, a NonSex role the DP brass were apparently too cheap to cast with an actual actor.