• I watched it with my 12 and 14 year old and paid a princely sum to watch it at the cinema.

    There is something very wrong with DC.

    It's really gone downhill since Suicide Squad.

    Poor CGI, 80s plotting, 1 dimensional bad guys, no real sense of danger and terrible dialogue.

    The thing is DC do have some interesting ideas to work with. A disparate bunch of anti heroes group together (Suicide Squad), a female superhero who completely takes the reins (Wonder Woman) and now a kid who becomes a superhero. The ideas are really interesting, it's in the execution of the ideas that it all fails.

    All the recent scripts are the same really. All end up with this OTT (and yawn inducing) Big Boss fight off.

    Shazam is fun in parts. The first act is really over drawn but things improve significantly once Shazam enters the frame. And that middle act is fun. Full of jokes and humour but then we get to the third act and it reverts to type.

    That last act is cringe worthy (something my children told me). No real sense of peril or danger and the CGI doesn't help.

    Honestly, not sure why people are posting 10s for this. It ain't The Godfather or Toy story. It's just another run of the mill 80s type plot with mediocre to poor CGI with some decent jokes.

    Save your cinema ticket for something better and catch this on Tv whenever it comes out. You will thank me.

    You could argue that it's just silly fun. Yes, if the film were just the middle act but unfortunately you have to sit through the final third for zero pay off.

    For the time being, don't bother.