• Quite suddenly we're dropped in the middle of nowhere in the snow with Mads Mikkelsen. Several meaningless minutes later the plot starts to unravel. A chance of survival, a tough journey ahead, the promise of a good movie. And it's not bad. But it never quite exceeds the level of mediocrity it starts on.

    To the background of the gorgeous panoramic views of a desolate ice-cold landscape, plays a story that is everything but innovative, guided by a dull musical score that might as well have been left behind. We feel no connection with the characters, for we never get to know who they are, but on the other hand it ís a relief to notice that the makers chose not to include another hour of dragging background info. Only, now it felt a bit empty. Just a human having a hard time.

    But Mads Mikkelsen! You have treated us on the performance of a lifetime! With only a handful of lines you damn near had me crying out your pain with you. A middle aged woman seated just a couple stools to my right even really did! And for a second there I thought she was having a heart attack after a jump scare.

    So it does reach the audience through Mikkelsen's incredible performance, but overall... it's just a nicely made movie that's easy to forget.