• Warning: Spoilers
    James Rockford is an Ex-Con who is a licensed P.I., in Los Angeles, CA. His office is a trailer, and who is very close to his father Rocky. He takes on cases thinking they are simple cases, but before you know it he gets in way over his head. His friend Angel appears in several episodes and he always comes to Jim for help. He is a friend who also severed time with Jim, but he just brings trouble with him. Rockford works with SGT. Becker on cases, and helps him out. He is not loved by the L.A.P.D., but Becker is the exception. The Rockford Files, was a show that never got boring, and each episode is full of surprises, and full of excitement. I don't know if you get a channel with classic T.V. shows, but where I live COSI, and METV run the re-runs, and if possible check it out. This show will not let you down and you will be hooked once you watch it.