• Warning: Spoilers
    Henry ( Antonio Sabato Jr.) is in custody of the Texas Rangers and is treated like royalty as he confesses to many crimes seen as flashbacks. Raised by an abusive mother and living dirt poor all his life, Henry embarks on a killing spree unlike anything in history. Henry teams up with Ottis (Kostas Sommer) as they are a natural pair. Henry is a necrophilia, because women talk too much. Ottis is a cannibal. He has sex with the women while they are alive. They kill the girl, then it is Henry's turn. Ottis then eats her..."She ain't a girl, she's just juicy white meat."

    I enjoyed the 50's style soundtrack and theme song. The movie is not extremely graphic. The acting was fairly decent with Becky (Kelly Curran) having an accent and lines bordering on camp. The plot moves slow so as to develop Henry's character. Think of this slasher film as "Natural Born Killers" light.

    F-bomb, sex, rape-like scenes, necrophilia, no nudity.