• The stage curtains open ...

    To begin with, this movie is titled incorrectly. It should be "Dad's Out Of Control" - because he is way overboard compared to what she is doing. Tony Danza stars as a single father, Doug Simpson, a rock radio programmer, who is challenged with raising two daughters. But when his oldest daughter, 15-year-old Katie, transforms from glasses, piggy tails and sneakers to contacts, hairspray, lipstick and high heels - it is almost too much for Dad to take. Suddenly, every boy in town arrives on his doorstep to date Katie.

    The fact that Dad is starting to view his own daughter as a sex object and is worried that she is going to lose her virginity in situations beyond his control gives this film a "creep" factor. I don't think this was the intentions of the filmmakers, but it still plays out that way. Doug does have is own love interest, a woman he is in love with - but his obsession with his daughter's transformation is what prompts him to propose to his fiance. Then when the beach scene comes into full play, it is just wrong - as his daughter comes bounding out of the water like Bo Derek in "10".

    Other movies have explored this area with much better success - such as the "Father Of The Bride" movies, especially the 1991 version with Steve Martin. There's a scene where he notices her new fiance inching his hand up her leg and he sneers - and then of course, the classic line as they are leaving for a night on the town when he says, "Be sure to fasten your condom. Seat belt! I meant seat belt!". There there is the scene in "Blended" where Adam Sandler plays the father seeing his own 15-year-old daughter transform and blossom into a beautiful young lady - but again, handled with much more dignity.

    Of course, there is the 2018 film, "Blockers", where three different parents carry on the same obsession to prevent their daughters from losing their virginity on Prom Night - not one of my favorite films. It actually rated worse with me at only 2 stars than this movie does. At least in this movie, Tony Danza doesn't resort to butt chugging to get to his daughter.

    But, even if you took away the creep factor, this is still a pretty bad movie. It is an editing mess, acting is non-existent (except for his psychiatrist, Dr. Fishbinder played by a funny Wallace Shawn), and there are some very over-the-top and unbelievable moments - ie: letting a completely, strange boy drive his Jaguar ... in a drag race? Yeah, sure.

    I can't recommend this one. It's a shame too, because I always liked Tony Danza - but this movie is one to forget.