• Warning: Spoilers
    I just finished watching arctic. It's a good movie Most of the scenes in the film is non-verbal but very intense. I missed some action , for example at a sudden moment in the movie the white bear made growling noises and threatened him. I wanted to see a fighting scene with the bear, or like some other kind of action.

    The fact that Mads Mikkelsen sacrificed alot to make this movie, is something i really respect. He is a GREAT actor who acts brilljant and perfect in every movie. He was talking in a interview: during the shouting i walked for days in the extreme cold, with barely something to eat. I am sure that he also has fantastic survival skills in real life.

    If i have 2 be honest, there were some boring scenes in the film, especially in the beginning from the movie. Perhaps if they would let the girl take more initiative and talk more it would be less boring. The ending was just so intense and at the same time sad. Wow very brilliant, emotional movie!