• Ok ladies and gentlemen, I might get hate comments on this but this is my review on this movie.

    First, the only reason I had the urge to create an account on IMDB is because of the overrated reviews this movie has gotten. On top of that, this film became the BOX OFFICE FILM of the Philippines of all time! (So, arousing my curiosity, I took the time to watch).

    The material of this film was alright. Nothing extra special to be honest. The usual romcom pinoy film. In my opinion (no hate to Kathniel), it could've been better if someone better portrayed their characters.

    Seriously, who would live in the same house and put a division using a tape? Like, cmon, seriously?

    There were okay moments, but seriously Filipinos who went gaga on this movie need to re-evaluate yourselves. I'm not even hard to please.

    I would rate this film a 4/10 or 5. I gave it 1 STAR to lower down its overrated reviews from other people like giving it 10?? and their best movie of all time? Jeez.