• America's best man, the immortal Paul Rudd, hosted SNL's s44 finale, closing it out with an episode that was genuinely funny and stayed that was almost all the way through. (Also I don't have anything on DJ Khalid, if I'm being honest I skipped over it because SNL should really start putting more underrated music artists front and center; instead they got like 20 musical guests.)

    Paul Rudd was the perfect one to close out season 44; his natural charisma helped the show keep itself going. The best sketch he was in? Definitely the GoT recap rap with Pete Davidson. However, what really surprised me was Michael Che and Colin Jost; their weekend update really crushed it this week. The jokes were quite funny, the guests weren't cringey-inducing, and let's be honest, the two of them are at their best when they're taking each other down. The comedy does run itself out by the last sketch, but up until then, it's genuine laughter all the way through; it's what I wanted to see. (8/10)