• Warning: Spoilers
    My sister and I would watch Barnaby Jones religiously as children on Tuesdays or Friday nights. My sister thought Jedediah was cute! As the younger brother, I would ask a thousand questions. Why? What is this? How did that happened? Which would annoy her. Barnaby Jones was riveting t v! There was a murder, a frame up, a robbery, someone goes missing, and the client asks for help. The wise, old and crafty Barnaby Jones is on the case. Like Matlock has insight, experience and 3 D thinking about all the intangibles of the case. Jedediah, the slick lookster Italian American was doing the inside work, a janitor etc, while the woman, I forgot her name, sometimes on the show would do both inside job or outside research, and Barnaby would set the trap, or get proof, and or someone would try and get him, and or have an accident with Jedediah! Usually a count down with the climax which made for riveting T V. Barnaby Jones was memorable T V.