• Debi is the magnum opus of the book writer. One of the greatest litterateur characters Misir Ali has been started with this creation by none other than Humayun Ahmed. A pioneer for Bengali Literature as well as Bengali Cinema history.

    Come to the points. It's not a bad movie for those who never read the book. PS it is foolishness to compare a movie with it's adapted book. I know this. And I am not comparing this movie with the book. If I do it will be highly insulting for the book. Misir Ali by Chanchal Chawdhury, a failed attempt. He is a talent actor undoubtedly. But he missed the opportunity. Alas! The character name would have been Bashir Ali. Not at least Misir Ali. Just making Misir Ali dialogues from the book and smoking cigarettes doesn't mean you are Misir Ali. I hold myself from breaking the screen. OK let it be an individual movie. Leave it. Joya Ahsan is also very very talented actress. She did her best. But she is not the perfect cast for this role. She is too old for the role Ranu whereas Chanchal is too young for Misir Ali. Animesh Aich! I wonder why he is here! Any small charcater from TV Drama is far better than him. Totally waste of an important characted Anis. In fine, wrong casting is one of the main problem of this movie. Everything is happening so fast as if, "O you people already read the book we know so why show you the detail? Just see the happening forget the situation. Anyone who never read the book will wonder why all this happening! So in this sense, the director is also capable to make Debi from the book.

    I wish, actually I know, in near future the trilogy Debi, Nishithini, Nishad will be made by a talent director. This is too hard to make such book into a movie. It's too hard for anyone.