• Warning: Spoilers
    I so wanted to like this as I love the original Full Moon franchise but this was not really that good.

    The Pluses Barbara Crampton was gorgeous and professional as ever

    Udo Kier was Udo Kier

    The Negatives Thomas Lennon was awful. He needs to learn how to deliver a line of dialog so we can understand what he has said. 8 or 9 times in the film I had to rewind the scene and put subtitles on to understand what he had just said. He was either too quiet, too fast or both. Awful choice of actor

    The 3 lead characters (our supposed heroes) were really not that likeable

    Too many puppets

    The 2 death scenes where there was any nudity were awful. The bimbo with the silicone breasts was obviously cut but we really didn't see anything until it was over. Why, was she afraid to get those precious implants damaged? The death in the bath, wtf? What happened to her? All we saw was her lying in a bath of blood with a hole in the wall. I guess Tunneller? Who didn't want to see what happened to a naked girl in the bath? Were they trying to avoid an Unrated or X certificate so played it safe?

    A lot of our characters all of a sudden became hotshots with weapons.....

    There is a hint and rumour at a sequel but if Thomas Lennon is cast I will not bother

    Please Full Moon pull this back and reboot it yourself. Preferably with actors who can act